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Our First Edition of our Monthly Monkeynastix Newsletter is here!

We are very proud and happy to share our first newsletter with you. We have all been working hard to bring you and your child the best Monkeynastix can offer. With this newsletter we aim to keep parents and fans informed about what we will be doing every month in classes and around town.

 What is Monkeynastix?

We are a fun, interactive movement program from children aged 1 – 8 years of age. We use gymnastic based moves to encourage fitness and healthy living in young children. Our fun 30-minute program takes children on a physical fitness adventure. Watch their motor skills, body strength and self-confidence develop. Want to know more? Clink on our here for more information.

How to get moving with Monkeynastix?

September is registration month and you will receive your registration form and envelope directly from the nursery or school. If you have not received it then get down to reception and grab one near the RED monkeynastics post box. Please complete all the details and return the envelope with the cash to the post box.

What can you expect form Monkeynastix this month?

Classes will be starting the week after Eid.  Make sure you check out our Events (  page to see when and where the classes are starting.

The progamme starts with teaching the children the Monkeynastix programme routine and our Monkeynastix rules:

  • Respect each other
  • Respect our Coaches
  • Respect the equipment and never use the equipment unless instructed to do so

Please ensure your child is in loose fitting shorts or pants and is wearing their Monkeynastix T shirt. The t-shirt will be issued once we have received your completed registration form. Children are required to remove their shoes and socks so that they are able to move freely and without slipping.

We look forward to a great term filled with fun and fitness.


Your Monkeynastix Team




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