What a great start to our new Term.  September was packed with Taster Sessions and First Lessons. Our coaches really enjoyed meeting all the new children and we are happy to see so many of our previous Monkeynastix fans.

Remember, it is not too late to join!  Registration forms and envelopes are available from reception and pop it into our RED Monkeynastix post box or hand it into Reception.


We would like to welcome all new children who have joined our programme. We are over the moon that you have joined in. The coaches are guaranteed to have fun and make those little bodies move and groove. Have a look at our video to see what happens in a class – click HERE!

They have arrived

Monkeynastix head office had a huge delivery of our new BLUE t-shirts. Each child will receive a t-shirt as soon as they have registered and paid for their classes. We can’t wait to see what you all look like in them. Remember to wear them to class! And anywhere else you want to.


Please send us a picture wearing your Monkeynastix t-shirt. Tag it with #monkeynastixtshirt or post it on our Facebook page –!

Healthy Habit and Skill of the Week

Each week the children will learn a healthy habit as well as a movement skill. They are encouraged to go home and discuss this with their parents and show off the skill.

In September the children learned to RESPECT the coaches, equipment and the other children in their class. They learned why it is important to do exercise and build healthy bodies.


The first skill is teaching children to JUMP and to LAND correctly. It is important for them to bend their knees and to absorb the impact when landing. We love to see the excited faces when they jump from a height and land correctly.

Have a happy, healthy fun-filled October.


Your Monkeynastix Team




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