November is the month of fun!

The children have all been doing so well this October and we are very excited to bring them new learning experiences in class. As you know we have been teaching the children how to JUMP and LAND correctly and we have also been teaching them various SIT positions.

Monkeynastix have 24 different body positions which all need to be mastered as part of our programme. These positions are very important as they are either the starting or ending position of a skill on various apparatus and they require strength, flexibility and balance to perform correctly.



We start with the Long sit – Sit down, straight legs together, toes pointed forward, straight arms up next to the ears and straight back, fingers together and palms in. Stretch up and hold.


Keyring Handout with 24 Body Positions

Keyring Handout with 24 Body Positions


Make sure you check your child’s bag for the NEW handout in November! It is a KEY RING that can be clipped onto their school bags. Each square is a different body position that they will learn. Practise with them at home and have fun together!



Why Monkeynastix is important for fine motor skills development.

“A new and disturbing phenomenon is rising on the educational horizon. Many children are arriving at kindergarten lacking the basic fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil and write. This lack of dexterity in their fingers and hands can be attributed to the increased use of touch screen technology and decreased use of crayons, paints, pencils, scissors, clay, and other manipulatives in their daily lives.

Along with social-emotional skills and curiosity, fine motor skills are among the priority readiness skills for kindergarten. If children arrive at school lacking the fine motor control and finger strength necessary to hold a pencil, they will struggle to master other requirements in kindergarten. This is a huge problem because today’s kindergarten demands so much more writing and desk work than ten years ago.”  Click HERE to read more.


Various Hand Equipment for Fine Motor Skills


At Monkeynastix we understand the IMPORTANCE of fine motor skills and that is why as part of our session we use our amazing hand equipment. They are specifically designed to teach children control, dexterity and fine motor control. AND they love playing with all of it!



Have a happy, healthy fun-filled November.


Your Monkeynastix Team



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