We would like to wish all our Monkeynastix fans a Happy New Year, may 2017 bring you happiness, prosperity and healthy bodies! We hope you have been practising your skills that we taught you in Term 1. Do you remember them all?

  • Listening Skills – a very important skill that helps to keep us safe.
  • Jumping and landing correctly
  • Balancing
  • Upper body strength

Don’t worry we will be revising them all so that you are ready for all new skills we will be learning in Term 2.

January is always an exciting month as the cooler weather allows us to work outside on our speed and agility, ball skills and core strength.

We have a special surprise for Term 2. Can you guess? YES! Our very own Monkeynastix Activity Book will be handed out to each of you. The book is filled with fun things to do and reminds you of the the many activities that we do in our Monkeynastix class! The Activity books will be delivered  by  the end of January .


If you did not get a chance to join the fun  last term  make sure you REGISTER TODAY!  We will be revising the skills from Term 1 so no one will miss out.

Make sure you give your child the chances they deserve. Research shows that children who are active and involved in sporting activities perform 40% better than children who don’t.


Your Monkeynastix Team

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