What an exciting start to the year! Welcome to all our new Monkeynastix fans that have joined us for Term 2. We look forward to all the fun and learning that will happen in the next few months.

Have you been enjoying your activity books? Remember to check the back page for all our different body positions that you can practise with your child. Encouraging them to exercise at home is very important and will help build positive attitudes to healthy lifestyles later on in life.

Our classes have focused on the Egg, Stick and Star positions. The children have practise these positions and have learned to incorporate them when using our main equipment like the balance beam, high bar and parallel bars.

Chat to your children about the Healthy Habits that we have discussed in class. At Monekynastix we understand the importance of repetition.



Our February classes will focus on ball skills and crossing the mid line. What is crossing the body’s mid-line? The body’s mid-line is an imaginary line down the centre of the body that divides the body into left and right. Crossing the body’s mid-line is the ability to reach across the middle of the body with the arms and legs. Crossing the body’s mid-line is an important developmental skill needed for many everyday tasks such as writing, reaching towards your foot to put on a shoe and sock with both hands and hitting a ball with a bat.

Stay healthy and Fit

From the Monekynastix Team

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