In February, with the cooler weather we have been focusing on Speed and Agility. This increases the children’s cardio vascular fitness which in turn increases overall strength and endurance. Children enjoyed the hurdles, sack races, egg and spoon races, hopscotch and tug of war.

Tug of War

Parents have asked why their children should keep doing Monkeynastix.  At Monkeynastix we believe that to master a skill, whether it be physical or cognitive, repetition and practice is key. We make certain that skills taught become progressively more difficult so that each child makes continual progress.

Parallel Bar Progression: The parallel Bar develops the core muscles and upper body strength.

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Activity Books – We hope that you have enjoyed working through  your Monkeynastix Activity Book.  This reinforces what we have done in our lesson.


Stay healthy and Fit

From the Monekynastix Team

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