Welcome Back! We hope that you enjoyed your Spring Break and that all the children are ready for the new Term of Monkeynastix. Please make sure you pick up your registration form in Reception and join in all the fun.

This term the children will receive their Monkeynastix caps, just in time for the warmer weather. Remember that it is important to protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunblock and your cap!

Term 3 will be filled with great new skills and we will practise and advance the skills that have been taught so far, this year. If you are new to Monkeynastix, you will be learning all the skills that have  been covered and more.Each skill is practiced in a variety of ways so that nobody misses out.

Developing Spatial Awareness

Research from Rae Pica – Educlatinal Consultant ,  shows that too much sitting is detrimental to a child’s health and development. It increases fatigue and reduces concentration. Young children need to physically experience concepts to understand them.

As adults, we use our body and spatial awareness to work our way through crowded shopping malls without bumping into people or to navigate our car into a narrow parking space.

Body and Spatial Awareness cannot be learnt when sitting at a desk. It must be experienced and practiced if it is to develop fully.



At Monkeynastix all our lessons incorporate activities to stimulate Body and Spatial Awareness development.  These skills will help your child navigate their way through the world.



Stay healthy and Fit

From the Monekynastix Team

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