October and November is #Dubai30x30 Challenge Time

#Dubai30x30 Challenge has been announced by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and chairman of Dubai Executive Council, is aimed at making Dubai “the most active city in the world”.

Sounds great to us! To help you get your 30 minutes of exercise everyday for 30 days ask the children to show you what they do in their Monkeynastix classes. See if you can follow the Monkeynastix exercises. Now that the weather is cooler enjoy a walk or a bike ride.

Every bit of exercise creates healthy and happy bodies which leads to healthy and happy minds. Read what the experts have to say HERE about the benefits that exercise has on the health of our children. Monkeynastix is helping to contribute to your child’s physical development which in turn will wire their mind for academic success.






We have been teaching the children how to JUMP and LAND correctly and we have been teaching them our various BODY positions.

These positions are very important as they are either the starting or ending position of a skill on various apparatus and they require strength, flexibility and balance to perform correctly.

We start with the Long Sit:

Sit down, straight legs together, toes pointed forward, straight arms up next to the ears with a straight back, fingers together and palms in. Stretch up and hold. The progression is to touch your toes (Pike Position) once you have achieved the Long Sit.


Have a happy, healthy fun-filled November.


Your Monkeynastix Team

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