Merry December to all our Monkeynastix fans.


We can’t believe that it is December already as our first term comes to an end. Well done to all our children and we look forward to handing out our Monkeynastix Term One Certificates.




The children have made great progress! As listening skills improve so have their social skills, as we learn to respect each other as well as the equipment we are working with.

Core strength is being continually developed and we have started to work on upper body strength using our Parallel Bar and High Bar.

The children have been learning about healthy choices and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are our 5 top tips to teach children healthy habits:

1. Be a good role model. Children learn by example.

2. Get the whole family moving!

3. Encourage physical activities that the children enjoy.

4. Make dinner together.

5. Limit TV, computer time and video games.


Enjoy the last few classes and make sure to watch out for our Term 2 registration. Remember to use your keyring to practice positions over the holidays and keep the core strength strong!

Happy Holidays!


Your Monkeynastix Team

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