Merry December to all our Monkeynastix fans.

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We can’t believe that it is December already! Our first term is coming to an end soon and we will be handing out our Certificate of Completion. The children have been amazing and their core strength has improved as well as their listening skills.

But do not fear it is not the end yet and the children will have Ball Skills and Balancing Skills to look forward to in December.

Active Children Learn Better.


At Monkeynastix we know the importance of being active but did you know that the brain is almost 65% more active after 20 minutes of exercise. Children who attended a 9-month physical activity class increased their memory task by 16%. Monkeynastix aims to improve children’s physical abilities so that it positively impacts on their learning abilities. If you would like to know more about this topic please read this article –

Enjoy the last few classes and make sure to watch out for our Term 2 registration later on in December. Remember to use your keyring of body positions to keep active during the break.

Happy Holidays!


Your Monkeynastix Team

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