February 2018

Term 2 is officially in full swing. We would like to welcome all the new children that have joined us this term. We look forward to all the fun and movement we will be doing together. If you have not registered yet, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! Grab a form in reception and sign up […]

December 2016

Merry December to all our Monkeynastix fans. We can’t believe that it is December already! Our first term is coming to an end soon and we will be handing out our Certificate of Completion. The children have been amazing and their core strength has improved as well as their listening skills. But do

April 2017

  Welcome Back! We hope that you enjoyed your Spring Break and that all the children are ready for the new Term of Monkeynastix. Please make sure you pick up your registration form in Reception and join in all the fun. This term the children will receive their Monkeynastix caps, just in time fo

March 2017

In February, with the cooler weather we have been focusing on Speed and Agility. This increases the children’s cardio vascular fitness which in turn increases overall strength and endurance. Children enjoyed the hurdles, sack races, egg and spoon races, hopscotch and tug of war. Parents have asked

February 2017

What an exciting start to the year! Welcome to all our new Monkeynastix fans that have joined us for Term 2. We look forward to all the fun and learning that will happen in the next few months. Have you been enjoying your activity books? Remember to check the back page for all our different [&hellip