Monkeynastix UAE Dubai Coach Anahita Mulla

How long have you been a Monkeynastix coach?
I started working for Monkeynastix in 2014 as an assistant and became an instructor in 2015.

What is your favourite activity or apparatus in Monkeynastix?
My favourite activities, as I can’t choose just one, would be working with the beams, trampoline, high bar and parallel bars. I also love working with music as it gets us all excited and energetic. My favourite hand apparatus would be the bean bags, noodles and hoops.

Why do you think children should be doing Monkeynastix?
Monkeynastix is a way and starting point for children to understand how and what they can do with their bodies. It teaches them how to use their muscles in their bodies, which in this day and age is very difficult. It motivates them to play and exercise more outdoors than indoors.