Monkeynastix UAE Dubai Coach Anastasia Merrey

How long have you been a Monkeynastix coach?
I’ve been working for Monkeynastix since October 2014 Qualified as a coach January 2015.

What is your favourite activity or apparatus in Monkeynastix?
Don’t really have a favourite as I love the whole programme and what it helps the children to achieve. I love seeing them excited as the come for class and even before when they see me at the school gates on my way in. I love watching a child progress from being really scared or nervous about a piece of equipment to then loving it and being full of confidence. Not just on the piece of equipment though but in themselves.

Why do you think children should be doing Monkeynastix?
Monkeynastix is fun. It gets them moving. It helps with a range of skills ie..balancing, jumping with 2 feet together, hopping, forward roles and many more. The earlier a child learns these physical skills the better, as it helps them with a large range of learning areas as they grow up.