Monkeynastix UAE Dubai Coach Maryam Yazdi

How long have you been a Monkeynastix coach?
I have been with Monkeynastix for 5 years and love every minute of it.

What is your favourite activity or apparatus in Monkeynastix?
I can’t really choose just one. I enjoy teaching the children to use the balance beam, balls, Parallel bar, trampoline, ropes, tap sticks and pegs.

Why do you think children should be doing Monkeynastix?
They learn so much; discipline, how to use the different parts of their bodies, how to coordinate the upper body with the lower body, they learn how to play and share in a respectful manner. We encourage them to work on the activities that they are scared to do and in no time they have achieved it, this builds their self-confidence so much.